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Podcasting FAQ's, Answers for Podcasters

What equipment do I need for podcasting?

Answer: The basics are a way to record - even voice memo on your phone. (Keep in mind sound is king though.) Then a pair of headphones so you don't get feedback (kinda like an echo of what you are saying. Then a podcast host to publish your podcast.

What software do I use to edit my podcast?

Answer: Audacity for PC users and Garage Band for Mac to get started. There are other DAW's (digital audio workstation.) But this is where most podcasters start

How long should my podcast be?

Answer: Industry standard is 22 minutes, some say 44 m. Think about how much time you have to consume audio and go from there. If you have a longer format make sure you are keeping people's attention, otherwise maybe it could be shorter.

How often should I publish an episode?

Answer: Whatever you can consistently deliver

How much does it cost to have a podcast?

Answer: This will depend on how much data you will publish through your podcast host. Podbean has a great free option. Libsyn & Buzzsprout have free plans, the next level is $5 and then $15 and so forth. Higher plan gives more analytics and data.

How much does it cost to publish to Apple, Spotify and other popular podcast listening platforms?

Answer: It's free!

Should I start a video podcast or just audio?

Answer: Video is a lot more work for very little ROI. There is so much more time to consume audio while multitasking. You can still publish to You Tube it' is just a static picture of your pocat artwork but it can still be consumed.

Can a podcast make money?

Answer: Yes; there are many ways other than ad sponsors

How fast can I make money with a podcast?

Answer: It's a marathon not a sprint. Podcast because you love it and have value you want ot add to the world, it's not a get rich quick kinda thing!

How does podcasting work?

Answer: You need to create an RSS feed. Usually via a podcast host from there you set up destinations for your podcast. Once you hit publish it is distributed to the listening platforms you set up.

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